10 Elton John albums being released on vinyl this year

This was just announced on eltonjohn.com: It is a box set with 10 records in it, 2 of which weren’t released on vinyl before (The Big Picture and One Night Only).

It also has remastered versions of Rock of the Westies, Blue Moves, Empty Sky, Sleeping with the Past, Tumbleweed Connection, Honky Chateau, Caribou, and Don’t Shoot Me, I’m only the Piano Player.

I was considering just getting Blue Moves (they aren’t all released at once, the site should tell you when each is released. I think it’s September for Blue Moves), but then I thought it was interesting that they chose Empy Sky, and of course I don’t have any copies of The Big Picture or One Night Only on vinyl, since they weren’t released on vinyl before.

When you purchase the box set from the official site, they will mail you records as they are released, and then you get the limited box to contain the box set sometime in August. I will update the site as I receive things.

On the one hand, I would definitely have preferred some more CD releases in the same vein as the deluxe versions of Elton John, Tumbleweed Connection, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, and Captain Fantastic. On the other hand, I at least appreciate that his back catalog is getting remastered/rereleased on vinyl and that in both this and the Burberry box set last November, some things that were previously unreleased on vinyl has been released on that format. And when you include the remastered vinyl of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, plus the 6 in the Burberry set, that makes a grand total of 17 remasters/rereleases (18 if count the additional version of 17-11-70 with the extra disc), most within a one year period.

Here are the individual album release dates:

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