EJ Vinyl Club Box and the Release Schedule for the Rest

Yesterday I got the box for the box set. It seems nice and sturdy, and is a darker purple than I thought it would be.

According to the release schedule, Blue Moves and Empty Sky should also have been released a couple days ago, but they usually take a while to get to me so I don’t have them yet. I am excited about a Blue Moves rerelease, though! I still don’t like the fact that Empty Sky was remastered/rereleased, but not A Single Man. While I like Empty Sky well enough, it kind of destroys the idea that they were mainly just focusing on the more popular 70s albums, plus a few 80s and later ones that weren’t officially released on vinyl before.

After that, only One Night Only and Sleeping with the Past remain, and those should be out this time next month and I can finally fill up the box.

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