Elton John-7″ singles-1980s

7″ Singles: 1980s

Little Jeannie
Just Like Belgium
7_littlejeanie_1 7_littlejeanie_2 7_belgium_1 7_belgium_2
Nobody Wins
Nobody Wins/Fools in Fashion
7_nobodywins_1 7_nobodywins_2 7_nobodywins_1 7_nobodywins_2
Empty Garden/Take me down to the ocean
Princess/The Retreat
7_emptygarden 7_emptygarden2 princess-1 princess-2
I’m Still Standing shaped picture disc
I’m still standing/Earn while you learn
pic_i pic_i2 7_iss1 7_iss2
Take me to the Pilot
I’m Still Standing
7_pilot_1 7_pilot_2 7_stillstanding 7_stillstanding_2
Crystal/Earn While You Learn
Town of Plenty
7_crystal_1 7_crystal_2 7_townofplenty_1 7_townofplenty_2
Who Wears These Shoes?
Who Wears These Shoes?
7_shoes_1 7_shoes_2 shoes2-1 shoes2-2
A Word in Spanish
7_nikita_1 7_nikita_2 7_word_1 7_word_2
Wrap Her up
Wrap her Up
wrap2-1 wrap2-2 7_wrap_1 7_wrap_2
I Guess That’s Why they call it the Blues
Candle in the Wind
7_blues_1 7_blues_2 7_candle_1 7_candle_2
Cry to Heaven
Sad Songs
7_crytoheaven_1 7_crytoheaven_2 7_sad_1 7_sad_2
Passengers/Lonely boy
Heartache all over the World
7_passengers1 7_passengers2 7_heartache_1 7_heartache_2
I don’t wanna go on with you like that
I don’t wanna go on with you like that
7_idont_1 7_idont_2 7_idwgowylt1 7_idwgowylt2
Breaking Hearts/In Neon
Empty Garden

7_breakinghearts2 eg1 eg2
Healing Hands
7_healinghands1 7_healinghands2 7_sacrifice_1 7_sacrifice_2
Blue Eyes/Hey Papa Legba
I Guess That’s Why they call it the Blues/
Lord Choc Ice Goes Mental
7-blue1 7-blue2 7-iguess1

Club at the End of the Street
Dear God

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