Elton John-Bernie Taupin

Bernie Taupin stuff

I still need to take more photos/make scans of things for this page. There are, of course, other books with Bernie stuff in them, and these are on the Elton books page. Bernie is listed as an author of the “It’s a little bit funny” book, listed on the Elton books page, and it’s written from his point of view, but there is very little text and it’s mostly photos of Elton. The “Conversation with Elton John and Bernie Taupin” book has a fair amount of Bernie in it, though.

2-LP Interview set


The One Who Writes the Words


Cradle of Halos

Bernie Taupin-s/t


Bernie Taupin-Tribe


Bernie Taupin-He Who Rides the Tiger LP

Farm Dogs-Last Stand in Open Country CD


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