Elton John – Tickets

Dodger Stadium ticket

This one is a real, used ticket. I wasn’t born yet so of course I wasn’t there, but I saw one listed on Ebay recently for a lot cheaper than usual so I bought it. They’re usually listed for over $100 and this was more like $35 or so.

Dodger Stadium ticket reproduction

Just a reproduction of the same ticket, but it’s nice to see the rest of it.

Hand-forged Dodger Stadium Ticket

This was apparently originally part of a set with a framed photo, available on eltonjohn.com, but was later also available with just the ticket (for a lot cheaper). It’s hand forged metal from Wendell August, a company that makes all sorts of metal items like this. I have an (unrelated) keychain from them somewhere. It’s sort of redesigned from the ticket.

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