Honky Chateau remaster/rerelease out today

Apparently the vinyl remaster/rerelease of Honky Chateau is out today, but I’m still waiting on my copy of Tumbleweed Connection. The official site says when you order the box set, you’re supposed to receive them on or near the release date. Maybe they waited to mail out both at the same time, maybe not. I also had to wait a pretty long time when I ordered the Terry O’Neill Dodger Stadium photography book from the official site, so I don’t have high hopes for things getting here in a timely fashion, I’m sorry to say.

As with Tumbleweed Connection, and presumably the future 8 releases (available in the box set or separately), there is also some merchandise available in the store. I’m glad to see some shirts being released for old albums. I wish there was one for the album cover of Captain Fantastic, though there are other shirts with similar designs, I have a Canadian tour shirt with the Elton illustration, and another recent all-over print of the album cover, along with a vintage one that I don’t actually want to wear.

That being said, the rest of the merchandise looks a bit lame, like Cafepress junk, or those mugs you can get a square print on from Vistaprint, so I won’t be buying those.

I saw a lot of people on the Facebook posts in various places about the box set/rereleases complaining that this set didn’t include GYBR, Captain Fantastic, etc., so I will reiterate the fact that you can get those at various online retailers, Amazon, etc. I really wish A Single Man had been included in one of these.

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