More 1970s Elton John reissues coming


“A few early ’70s records from Elton John are getting reissued throughout June and July. The albums range from 1970 to 1974, with each all on 180-gram wax and featuring remastered audio. You can see the selections below:

Tumbleweed Connection (1970, buy)
Honky Chateau (1972, buy)
Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Piano Player (1973, buy)
Caribou (1974, buy)
We’ll update if we have receive more pressing details.”

Last November, the Burberry box set rereleased 6 EJ albums, including 17-11-70, Captain Fantastic, Madman Across the Water, Too low for zero, and Songs from the West Coast (actually, first vinyl release of that one). The same reissues were released individually in April, along with a new 2LP version of 17-11-70, titled 17-11-70+, which included bonus tracks. Now it seems that 4 more early ’70s records are being rereleased.

Could be nice for people wanting new copies, but I’ll still have rather seen something like deluxe CD editions of certain ’70s albums, reissued with bonus tracks, live concerts (like on the Captain Fantastic deluxe CD), not to mention the fact that more people buy CDs than buy vinyl.

On the other hand, I always found it baffling that so many other artists were reissuing records from the ’70s, while very little was happening with EJ albums from then.

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