Six Elton John LP reissues just released on Amazon today

Songs from the West Coast

This is the first individual vinyl release of this, so not much to compare it to. It was also released last November in the Burberry box set, but I don’t have that. I assume these are the same as the releases in that, though. This is NOT gatefold, which initially disappointed me due to the panoramic cover photo, but it has a big foldout poster inside. This and other releases that have printed record sleeves inside have the actual records in a plain white or black sleeve, and then the printed inner sleeves are separate. These have the lyrics printed on them. This ends up being a double LP on vinyl also, so it costs more than the other 5 releases.

Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy

The album cover on this looks so bright and colorful compared to my faded, 42 year old copies (and I have 4 other copies of this on vinyl). Same goes for the poster. Very nice! It also has the Lyrics and Scraps booklets.

Madman Across the Water

This has the textured cover. So does my only other copy, but my older copy has quite a bit of wear. It is gatefold and has the booklet attached inside.


I was comparing with my other 3 copies of this (I’ll have 5 total soon, once I get the 17-11-70+ 2LP version in the mail) and it was the first time I noticed some of them really do have the date in the American order (11-17-70). This one does not. I always just referred to it as 17-11-70 and didn’t notice.

Elton John

This one is also gatefold.

Too Low for Zero

This has the cutout cover and the back of the cover is sort of has a bit of embossing.

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